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Keitzer Multipurpose Check Writing / Signature Guide

Because you deserve the freedom to enjoy the independence of managing your own finances.


Our GUIDE is a simple device that works, because of the design engineering & precision tooling. This has always been a problem, because finding mold makers who can relate to problems of people with writing difficulties.

The mold maker we hired after many years looking, guaranteed he could deliver what we specified in 60 days, it didn’t happen.

We have acquired the molds & now have a new mold maker, who WILL accomplish our mission.

The cost has been extensive, but we have previously published the new price & we will honor it as our word as always is our bond. A quality product has always been foremost with us & always will be at a fair price.

We apologize for the delay, & should have cut our losses sooner, but finding qualified mold makers for our product has always been our biggest challenge

Thank you for your patience;
Betty Jo & Jack Keitzer

Contact us at:
Keitzer Check Writing Guide
5324 Ingleside, Leesburg, FL 34748
Phone: 352-326-3437

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